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In recent years, hip replacement surgery has quietly entered a new era. The concept of tissue-sparing or “minimally invasive” surgery has been applied to hip replacement. It is important to understand that true tissue-sparing surgery does not only mean a shorter skin incision, but also sparing critical muscles and tendons surrounding the hip. It is the sparing of this underlying soft tissue which allows patients to get back on their feet within days (possibly hours) instead of weeks or months.

MicroPort Orthopedics has several proprietary surgical hip techniques aimed to preserve tissue and promote rapid recovery. The surgical approach SuperPath®, is the result of years of hard work from multiple inspired surgeons and engineers combining their experiences, ideas, designs, and intellectual property.

SuperPath® is a portal assisted total hip approach that accesses the capsule superiorly through the interval between the gluteus medius and piriformis without requiring the cutting of any muscles or tendons. The femur is prepared with the head and neck intact reducing the chance of fracture. The acetabulum is prepared under direct visualization and a cannula facilitates the use of inline instrumentation.


Fast forward to fewer complications

A growing number of experienced surgeons across the world have embraced SuperPath® as their preferred total hip technique to deliver faster recovery to patients – all without the typical postoperative hip restrictions associated with traditional THA techniques. (5)



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