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SuperPath® is a portal assisted THA
approach that accesses the capsula superiorly through the interval between the gluteus medius and piriformis, without requiring the cutting of any muscles or tendons.

The femur is prepared with the head and neck intact reducing the chance of fracture. The acetabulum is prepared under direct visualization and a cannula facilitates the use of inline instrumentation.

Fast forward to Function

SuperPath® has shown to be affective in regards to patient’s functional outcomes achievements.

Ambulant at 2 weeks

86% 1

Pre-op Brake Reaction Time achieved or Improved at day 1

93% 2

Return to work at 2 weeks

52% 1

Fast forward to active patients

When compared to national averages, patients treated with SuperPath® have stayed in the hospital for a shorter amount of time, been discharged to their home more often, and are less likely to return within 30 days for any reason3-4. All
without the typical post operative hip restrictions associated with traditional THA techniques.

Shorter Length of Stay

1.6 Days 3

30 Day readmission rate

2.3% 3

Fast forward to lower cost of care

When compared to the standard lateral THA technique at a sample hospital, the SuperPath® Hip Technique resulted in in-hospital cost reductions of over 28%.5

Fast forward to fewer complications

When compared to national average rates, SuperPath® has shown reduced risks of complications 3,6-8, also during the surgeons adoption phase of the technique 9.



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