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The Medial-Pivot knee System stands on over 20 years of clinically demonstrated success.1-2

The Medial-Pivot design was built on the latest kinematic evidence of the natural stability and motion of the knee.3  Through its unique design, natural AP stability and motion are restored, thereby effectively addressing common problems seen with traditional designs, such as anterior knee pain and quadriceps avoidance.

Fast forward to active patients

Recent literature has demonstrated that quadriceps efficiency affects patient satisfaction after total knee replacement.4

Medial-Pivot knees provide greater quadriceps efficiency:

  • Medial-Pivot Knees require lower quadriceps activation compared to PS competitive designs5
  • Equivalent quadriceps efficiency pre- and post-implantation with Medial-Pivot Knee system6

Fast forward to function

Patients with improved quadriceps efficiency and Anterior-Posterior (sagittal) stability may experience:

  • More normal feeling
  • Improved patellofemoral mechanics
  • Superior single-leg weight-bearing flexion performance 7

Fast forward to satisfaction

Medial-Pivot provides easy Function, Stability and Satisfaction:

  • Patient reported satisfaction up to 99% 8
  • Patients preferred Medial-Pivot over traditional designs 7


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