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What is Full Function, Faster®?

Full Function, Faster® is a multifactorial patient treatment pathway for total joint replacement surgery, based on the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) principles. The main key aspects of this protocol are:

  • Patient-centric
  • Multi-factorial
  • Multi-synchronous
  • Multi-disciplinary

The Full Function, Faster® protocol focuses on addressing the patient wellbeing at 3 levels though a standardized and optimized pathway.

Multifactorial Patient Approach


Setting and meeting realistic expectations through education


  • Function enhancing surgery
  • Early mobilization and rehab
  • Pain management


Optimizing the physiological function to minimize side effects and complications

Functional Physiological Psychological

The Full Function, Faster® protocol focuses on addressing the patient wellbeing at 3 levels though a standardized and optimized pathway.

Peri-Operative Management

The Full Function, Faster® protocol provides guidance on all the peri-operative aspects of total joint replacement, supporting the whole team in charge of the patient’s care, to maximize the outcomes.


  • Individual educational meeting
  • Pre-emptive analgesia
  • Carbo loading
  • Modern fasting
  • Blood management
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Discharge preparation


  • Optimized anesthesiology
  • Opioid free multimodal pain management
  • Multifactorial prophylaxis
  • Normovolaemia
  • Normothermia
  • Function enhancing MicroPort technology


  • Advanced compression cryotherapy
  • Early mobilization
  • ADL focused rehabilitation
  • PONV Prophylaxis
  • Oral opioid free pain management
  • 24/7 emergency call point

Mutidisciplinary teamwork approach

The Full Function, Faster® protocol leverages on the contribution each healthcare team member provides to optimization of patients’ outcome. The orthopedic surgeon is only one of the many faces that a patient will see during his/her joint surgery pathway. Although you, as a surgeon, will be the key player in the team, the Full Function, Faster® concept will help your entire team to maximize patient’s outcomes, by aligning and standardizing patient’s care. Schematics of the squares of the different key players.



Optimized patient pathway

Anesthetic Consult Short Hospital Stay •  Admision •  Full Function, Faster® Surgery •  Same day mobilization and rehabilitation Home Preparation Aftercare Plan Hospital Discharge Orthopedic Consult Full Function, Faster® Nurse Meeting Post Surgical Consult

What are the Full Function, Faster® program benefits?

The implementation of the protocol offers a number of potential benefits:
  • Accelerated Recovery 1-2
  • Increased patient satisfaction 1,3
  • Reduction of readmission 4-5
  • Cost Savings 6-7
  • Reduction in process errors
  • Increased team satisfaction


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