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Digital Solution: the MyMPO™ app

MyMPO™ is a digital application designed to help your patients throughout their Full Function, Faster® journey.

All the steps to undertake before surgery, the day of surgery itself and when the patient is at home are incorporated in the application pathway, which intent is to give the right information at the right time to your patients.

Practice empowerment

MyMPO™ digital solution will help you and your healthcare team in differentiating your practice and will provide your patients an engagement tool during their journey to joint replacement, likely improving their compliance and satisfaction.


MyMPO™ is designed using a dynamic timeline which revolves around the patient’s surgery date. Push notifications are sent to the patient at the right time, avoiding overwhelming him or her with unnecessary amount of information.

Patient Education

Anticipation of surgery can lead to anxiety and fear. Pre-operative education can contribute to higher patient confidence, greater satisfaction, early recovery and discharge. Educating the patients about all the pre-, peri- and post-surgery aspects and making them active participants in their recovery is a key pillar to avoid mismatch between expectations and outcomes1 Educated patients have much better post-operative evolution compared to patients without a full comprehension about all the steps of the process 2

Full episode of care

MyMPO™ application allows the patients to track their progresses throughout the journey with a dynamic interactive content.

Follow up and data collection

MyMPO™ customized options are also available for you to remotely monitor your patients and collect clinical data with a dedicated clinician dashboard.

Different levels of customization are available within MyMPO™ application.

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