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What are the Full Function, Faster® program benefits?

The implementation of the protocol offers a number of potential benefits:
  • Accelerated Recovery 1-2
  • Increased patient satisfaction 1,3
  • Reduction of readmission 4-5
  • Cost Savings 6-7
  • Reduction in process errors
  • Increased team satisfaction
Full Function, Faster® Medial-Pivot

Increased patient satisfaction 3
Patient improved quadriceps performances 8


Full Function, Faster® Hip surgery

Reduction of readmission rates 4
Reduction of complications 4


Improvement of patient education and patient satisfaction

Low potential for complications requiring readmission 4, 5, 7

Remote patient follow up and safety monitoring

Reduction of follow up consultation and associated cost
Improvement of patient turnover potential


Standardization of the full episode of care

Improvement of cost predictability and cost forecasting
Reduction of cost outliers
Standardization of cost 5, 7

Early mobilization

Reduction of comorbidities and associated cost 1


Improvement of quality of stay

Reduction of cost consuming medical acts during length of stay


Reduction in length of stay

Reduction of cost associated to in-patient stay
Optimization of patient bed-capacity


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