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What are the Full Function, Faster® program benefits?

The implementation of the protocol offers a number of potential benefits:
  • Accelerated Recovery 1-2
  • Increased patient satisfaction 1,3
  • Reduction of readmission 4-5
  • Cost Savings 6-7
  • Reduction in process errors
  • Increased team satisfaction

Standardization of the full episode of care

Improvement of cost predictability and cost forecasting
Reduction of cost outliers
Standardization of cost 5, 7

Full Function, Faster® Medial-Pivot

Increased patient satisfaction 3
Patient improved quadriceps performances 8

Full Function, Faster® Hip surgery

Reduction of readmission rates 4
Reduction of complications 4

Improvement of patient education and patient satisfaction

Low potential for complications requiring readmission 4, 5, 7

Remote patient follow up and safety monitoring

Reduction of follow up consultation and associated cost
Improvement of patient turnover potential

Early mobilization

Reduction of comorbidities and associated cost 1

Improvement of quality of stay

Reduction of cost consuming medical acts during length of stay

Reduction in length of stay

Reduction of cost associated to in-patient stay
Optimization of patient bed-capacity


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